Once upon a time, waves, sea spray, backwash and the horizon… what a beautiful story the one of the Mediterranean sea.

Ancient mother of the region, witness of the History, she has seen come and go many empires, civilizations, cultures, borders, wars and agreements. This mare nostrum, is visible through tourists’ camera and in the locals’ heart. She verges on many countries with great variety of unbelievable landscapes.

Go around the Mediterranean Sea, this is the aim of this Blog! Rich with personal experiences, news, pictures, and various works, the purpose is discovering and sharing.

Sailing between history and news, from shore to shore, from one cultural topic to another more political… this is the travel I am offering. A tour of the Mediterranean Sea, with many calls but without any return ticket!

Named Baher al abeyad el moutawessite, sea between land, in Arabian, this economic, social and cultural trading zone will not be considered like a natural border. It will be rather a shared sea by all of riverside countries.

So, welcome aboard and have a good trip!

Julia Buquet


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